“Lead us to the righteous path,

Lead us from darkness to light,

Lead us from death to immortality.”

Our vision to stimulate both heart and mind of students, train them to adopt themselves to the changing needs of economy, to prepare them from culture leadership, to ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all, and thus make the Rohtas Mahila college – one of the most creative and innovative college of Sasaram and to  see the college among top 20 educational institutes of Bihar by 2030.


Our mission to create a vibrant culture of academics and extra-curricular activities which together makes girls into self-confidence, self-reliant, self-sufficient and responsible & capable individuals. Our mission to provide market oriented professional education to the girl’s students with view to serving the cause to higher education. Our mission to motivate individuals of Marginalized sections of society by spreading education to mark them morally upright, intellectually well – informed socially concerned emotionally balanced and culturally accomplished.