Prof. (Dr.) Sudhir Kumar Singh

Principal   Massage:

We are committed to see that our college emerges as the best college on the education map of Bihar. In order to achieve our goal, we are working round the clock to see that the problem of the student redressed all coast. We have tried our best to lay down solid function to help the students overcome the challenge. A conductive atmosphere has been created inside the campus and the students are groomed in such a way that they romp home with flying colours bringing laurels to the institution and society as well. Their effort will pay dividend and will definitely leave no stone unturned to contribute their energy for the betterment of society. Personality Development and carrier building are the two main objectives which we have strived for and are all said to give our dream a concrete.

1 Dr. (Smt.) Prabha Sinha   02.10.1975 to 31.07.1984
2 Dr. (Smt.) Geeta Devi Shrivastava   01.08. 1984 to 28.04.1985
3 Dr. (Smt.) Rashadiha Hoda   29.04.1985 to 31.05 1985
4 Dr. (Smt.) Lila Rani Sinha   01.06.1985 to 05.04.1988
5 Dr. (Smt.) Sushma Singh   06.04.1988 to 20.06.2007
6 Dr. Mahendra Nath   21.06.2007 to 29.12.2007
7 Dr. (Smt.) Satya Sinha   30.12.2007 to 18.06.2009
8 Dr. (Smt.) Abha Singh   19.06 2009 to 31.08.2014
9 Dr. (Smt.) S. K. Jabin   01.09.2014 to 07.09.2016
10 Dr. Narendar Kumar   08.09.2016 to 14.11. 2016
11 Dr. (Prof.) Sudhir Kumar Singh   15.11.2016 to till Now